The #7 edition of TheOneMilano is on its way, with the exhibition areas of fieramilanocity designed by two internationally famous names: the first is Italo Rota, the starchitect who has created grand pavilions for world Expos (the next one will be the Italian pavilion at the Dubai 2020 Expo), museums, exhibitions and boutiques, and who is celebrated for his architecture that tells a story.

The second is a set designer of important theatre shows in Italy and around the world (from the Venice Biennale to the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, from Salzburg to Brussels and Tokyo), of art exhibitions and of visionary displays, such as the ones from Milan Fashion Week featuring masks on the Rinascente store front, and cascading fabrics in Piazza della Scala in Milan.

And storytelling is the starting point of the project for pavilions 3 and 4 in Via Scarampo in Milan, offering a view of the urban and cosmopolitan world of the great metropolises, a visual, cultural and aesthetic melting pot that perfectly sums up a message like TheOneMilano's message, which is based on the same principles of communication.

The concept is a powerful and well-defined one that aims right at the "core" of the exhibition: It’s always Winter somewhere… making an explicit reference to the great circularity of the modern world, where physical and cultural distances no longer exist, creating a system that has no rigidly defined seasons anymore.

For TheOneMilano this is the next step in the concepts introduced by the previous exhibitions, with the February 2019 exhibition set in a winter garden for example, and September's seeing the launch of the "seasonless" concept, with garments that are no longer bound by rigid seasonality, making them modern and versatile in the broadest sense.

Today, this has been moved up a gear with something revolutionary. With the help of Rota and Palli the exhibition areas will be completely redesigned, the aisles will become avenues, the stands buildings telling a story and full of people, and the product areas will be joined together by elements and a design that has a powerful communicative impact. Giant constructions, winter trees and snow globes will be the stand-out features of this edition, an exhibition destined to be truly unforgettable.

All the areas will converge on a new meeting place: the Piazza del Fare, where events will be held, such as presentations and in-depth looks at the various forms of the "Made in Italy" manufacturing skills that are the envy of the whole world. So the exhibition is turned into a colourful metropolis, a new place to meet up where different materials, colours and sounds mix together to create new imperfect harmony.

The emotional experience takes its inspiration from Milan and the great international metropolises that are reflected in the accomplished and lively image that has been created. TheOneMilano no longer has a single colour theme, but one that takes in all the colours from streets around the world, as can be seen in the new image (a ONE composed of pixels, signs and skylines), announcing this wonderful world of ours in glorious Technicolor, with the kind of storytelling that isn't intended to make it seem fraudulently perfect, but one that is overflowing with industrious energy.

TheOneMilano, a hub for top-end feminine prêt-à-porter, will take place from 20 to 23 February 2020 in Milan in pavilions 3 and 4 at fieramilanocity.