Aug., 2019: Convene South retires current format for 2019

Convene Group Ltd, organisers of the suite of Convene expos for business event organisers, have chosen to retire Convene South from its 2019 B2B expo lineup.

Managing Director Allyssa (Ally) Eastaugh says many factors have led to this final decision. "Every product has a life cycle and after careful consideration it makes commercial sense to retire Convene South in its present format in 2019."

"The freed-up window of time allows us to concentrate on growing our stronger products including Convene Q, PAICE and Convene North. We will continue to work behind the scenes with select stakeholders to decide a feasible reformulation of our 'Convene for Business' model among the southern (NZ) regions".

The Platform, Convene Group's new-to-market (April) digital feature magazine will continue to run South Island content in the upcoming July and September editions to connect industry in a fresh, image-based forum.

“Convene Group remains committed to producing tools for the industry that build business connections, and we hope to bring a refreshed offering for connecting the South for business event planners in the not-too-distant future.”