MULPOR COMPANY, S.A. (hereinafter “MULPOR”) with domicile in en Araucana 1277, 11400 Montevideo, Uruguay and with the purpose of recognizing the legal importance of collecting, using, saving and managing personal data, in accordance to the Uruguayan Law number 18.331 for Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter “LAW”), its Regulations and corresponding guidelines, herein sets forth this PRIVACY STATEMENT with the purpose to inform about the personal data that will be used in the rendering of professional services hired, make the necessary filings regarding those services and inform about the status of the procedures that will be managed on your behalf.

For the above mentioned objectives, the Personal Data that will be managed is the following:

• Information obtained from documents or applications voluntarily filed by you, either manually, electronically or verbally, as the result of sending Resumes; contact emails; have provided information for advertising; or by a contractual relationship.
• Information obtained by references or information that MULPOR obtained by the services provided or hired by you;
• Contact information regarding work and family references;
• Information regarding personal, academic, social security, tax and financial personal information.
• Delicate or sensitive information such as health condition, medical records, religion, sexual preferences, criminal records, physical characteristics and union affiliations.

In case that MULPOR obtains sensitive or delicate personal data under the terms and conditions that the LAW, MULPOR will not disclose or share that information without your consent, unless it has to be done according to the LAW.

The information referred by this PRIVACY STATEMENT will be managed for the proper compliance of laws and regulations before tax, labor, social security, or immigration Authorities, among others, in compliance and management of legal relations; for internal and external communication matters; management; control and operation of salaries and benefits; identification, operation and management of clients, suppliers and employees; and all kind of information regarding labor relations and the services provided, as well as any matter in which MULPOR participates and receives information by third parties.

At any time, MULPOR agrees to protect the privacy of the personal data provided and will not disclose or transfer to third parties for different objectives than the established in this PRIVACY STATEMENT. In order to prevent the non-authorized access to your personal data and with the purpose of guarantying the proper use of the personal data that this PRIVACY STATEMENT sets forth herein, we have establish physical, electronic and administrative procedures, constantly evaluated and reviewed by the corresponding area, that applies in order to control the use and disclosure of your personal data.


All of your personal data are managed in compliance with the valid and applicable legislation, that is why we inform you that at any time, you have the right to have access, ratify, cancel and oppose to the treatment given by us to your personal data, before the Manager of Personal Data Protection in accordance to the applicable legislation, as well as revoke the consent granted for the management of the information. You can have access to this application by contacting us to the following phone number +598 2605 7438, as well by sending an email to the following email address:

Such application must contain or provide information in order to identify and contact the applicant; the documents that confirm the identity or the power of attorney; original documents to review against the photocopies, which will be used in order to change or confirm the personal data; the clear and specified description of the personal data in which you wish to use your ARCO rights, the refusal or revocation of the management of the personal data, as well as any other element that facilitates the localization of your personal data.

It is important to remind you that in order to follow up the application above mentioned, in accordance to the LAW, you have to identify yourself with the original and official ID, and in case of legal representatives, you have to identify yourself with the original and official ID and the original and a copy for comparison of the power of attorney for MULPOR files.

The decisions adopted by the Manager of Personal Data Protection regarding Access and Rectification applications will be notified by email within the next 10 working days after the application is received, and if the application proceeds, the response will be notified in a term of 10 working days or as the case may be, you will receive photocopies of the corresponding documents.

The decisions adopted by the Manager of Personal Data Protection regarding Cancellation and Opposition to the management of personal data, will be notified by email within the next 15 working days following the date when the application was received, and if such application proceeds, the resolution will be notified in a term of 10 working days in accordance to the LAW.

Answers to requests or applications will be notified by mail in the domicile that the applicant established in the application or by electronic documents sent by email to the email address that the applicant established. These resolutions will take effect within the 10 working days following the response.

The terms established in this PRIVACY STATEMENT can be extended in accordance to the applicable legislation. The rest of the procedure will be managed in compliance with the terms and phases set forth in the applicable legislation. For more information regarding this matter, please send an email to the following email address:

MULPOR, shall have the right at all times to make the necessary adjustments or modifications to this PRIVACY STATEMENT, information that will be shared with through the following website: or through any type of oral, printed or electronic media communication that MULPOR establishes for this purpose.