RS Engineering

Contact person: Mr. Tomasz Skop
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2015
Operation Level: International

Address: Ul. Laszczowiecka 7C
22-600 Tomaszow Lubelski Poland
Phone: +4888333 14 78

We are a professional and innovative company specializing in the electric battery housing with all cooling system equipments for public transport (buses, trams and electric trains). We provide services in the field of comprehensive solutions for the transport industry, whose main activity is services in the field of specialized welding of industrial constructions for transport and the design of products from widely understood mechanics.

We have all the necessary welding certificates for the transport and railway industry: PN EN - 3834-2, PN EN ISO - 15085 CL1, PN EN - 9010 AL EC3. In addition, we make elements of electromechanical equipment.

Our advantage is our long experience in the machine and transport industry as well as thorough knowledge of metalworking technology in the field of welding and the ability to use a powerful tool such as computer programs to support design and prototyping.

We are able to design a finished product, make a prototype on a 3D printer, the tools necessary to make it, develop technologies and test the made product as well as examine it in our laboratory by professional non-destructive testing of elements using the PT2 and VT2 methods. In the laboratory, we use a magnetic flaw detector, a cyclic corrosion chamber in accordance with ISO 9227, DIN 50021, ASTM G85.

Exhibition of High Technology in International Competition
12/04/2021 - 16/04/2021
Location Deutsche Messe