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Foundation: 1964
Operation Level: International

Address: (Unit 4 Ext), Second Ave., Cookstown Ind. Est.
Dublin 24 Ireland
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Prodieco are the leading independent producer of blister pack tooling and blister format parts within the Pharmaceutical Industry worldwide. Prodieco Ireland was formed in 1962 as a precision engineering company providing tool making services. Over the next three decades the company developed a multinational customer base in the press tool industry. Since 2000 Prodieco has operated exclusively in the pharmaceutical industry, solely supplying blister pack format tooling. We have over 50 years’ experience in precision engineering for high volume production industries and more than 15 years’ of experience catering for the special demands of the pharmaceutical industry. This wealth of experience is reflected throughout each activity of the company.

Prodieco offer an unrivalled total service commitment. From initial contact, through design and manufacture, to strict adherence to delivery schedules, Prodieco’s commitment to quality is absolute and uncompromising. You can confidently rely on every machined component undergoing stringent quality control checks to ensure everything adheres to its design specification.

Prodieco provides bespoke optimised design for Thermoform blister tooling formats. The design of each cavity is optimised around the blister thermoform process and the unique forming characteristics of the material; Aclar, PVC, PVdC, PP, PET, COC, etc. Prodieco’s design and optimisation of the materials allows for an even distribution of material into the cavity resulting in longer shelf life for products.

Alu/Alu packaging represents the ultimate in delivery of blisters with high barrier performance against moisture, oxygen and light allowing an extended product expiry date. Prodieco provides fully certified Cold Form tooling which is rigorously tested to ensure pin holes, micro channels or delamination will not occur on the blister. We have worked with Amcor Flexibles for more than a decade ensuring that our coldform blister tooling is fully optimised to their Strec calculation.

Prodieco provides solutions for the design and manufacture of cartoning change parts for blister packaging lines. Whether your packaging line is an integrated blister/cartoner from the same supplier or a custom line made from separate manufacturers, Prodieco can ensure the same level of tooling quality and service for all your blister and cartoning tooling.

Prodieco has years of expert experience designing tools for all types of blister line manufactures like IMA, Uhlmann, Marchesini, Bosch, Klockner/Mediseal, CAM, Romaco, Heino Ilsemann, Farcon & CKD. All Prodieco Thermoform & Cold Form seal tools work with all available lidding materials like Hard Aluminium, Soft Aluminium & Paper/Aluminium.

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