Primatex Lace Co, Ltd

Contact person: Anand Gandhi, Suresh Veluchamy
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: International

Address: Primatex Lace Co, (98 Trok Krai, Rajawongse Road, Chakkrawat)
10100 Samphantawongse, Bangkok Thailand
Phone: +662224 6292
Fax: +662 622 9560

Welcome to the Prima Lace Co, Ltd., the leader in high quality embroidery and Laces manufacturing. In 1997 we established our embroidery factory in Thailand after a 50 years of experience in textile manufacturing and Trade passed down three generations of our family.

This marked turning point of our business because our exquisitely designed embroidery helped open more markets abroad and we now trade in all corners of the world. Our Specialty is the production of custom-made embroidery, which services our customer's specific needs.

The machines and technology in both the operation has been chosen in such a way so that it can produce excellent quality product, at reasonable cost. Continuous up gradation of machines, training of workers, very efficient raw material procurement and a team of professional managers are helping the company to provide very consistent quality. The combination of quality, Creativity and service is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Prima Lace Co., Ltd.

Embroidery lace manufacturer

International fabrics exhibition
10/02/2020 - 13/02/2020
Location Paris Le Bourget
Le Bourget