Pithore Aluminium

Correspondence: English
Operation Level: International

Address: Kerkweg 7
3832 RH Leusden Netherlands
Phone: +3164155 4070
Web: http://www.pithore-aluminium.eu

Pithore Aluminium designs and assembles profiles and products in aluminium. We operate in industrial manufacturing and design sectors. Together with our partner Mikrometal s.r.o. in Czech Republic we have fully automated production lines and we assemble complete products.

Pithore Aluminium is active on projects in the industrial design, solar energy, aluminium foam and adapted disabled products markets. Our clients include Solar Panel manufacturers, building and constructing, cryogenics, signage and industrial orientated companies.

We operate in countries all over the world.

Our services include bending, welding, machining, fabrication, surface treatment, logo/text engraving, assembling and packaging. Aluminium extrusion.

International exhibition of materials analysis and contamination control
26/05/2021 - 27/05/2021
Location NH Conf. Centre Koningshof