Philpotts Paintings

Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2000
Operation Level: Regional, National

Address: 6012 Dalgleish Road
AB T3A 1K7 Calgary Canada
Phone: +1403510 5056

I am a landscape painter who works with acrylic paint on large canvases. For inspiration, I draw on the rolling prairie and mountain scenery of southern Alberta and British Columbia.

I find paint to be a natural medium of creative expression. Through the guidance of my father, I learned about acrylic painting, mixing colour, effective composition, flow and looseness.

I began painting by re-producing the masters of Canadian landscape (Tom Thompson, A.Y. Jackson), and of European Impressionism (Van Gough, Cezanne, Monet). From this grounding in the 19th and 20th century landscape painting, I have grown into my own form of expression.

I work with strong colour to create a feeling, rather than an image, of a place. Whether sunlight reflecting off leaves, shadows in woods and creeks, or the wide spaces around drifting clouds above distant mountain ranges, I open a personal connection to the places I paint.

My goal is to bring the feeling of the natural enviroment into an interior space. A painting succeeds when it captures the grandeur and serenity of nature and translates these feelings to the viewer, possibly conjuring memories of places he or she has been.

Original Art - Paintings Specializing in Western Canadian Landscapes

National exhibition of renovation, construction, gardening, lifestyle and entertainment
25/02/2021 - 28/02/2021
Location Stampede Park / BMO Centre