Orbit Cleaning Services Australia

Contact person: John Ozturk
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 1989
Operation Level: National

Address: 19/15 Earsdon St.
VIC 3013 Yarraville Australia
Phone: +611300660 699
Fax: +611300 660 696
Web: http://www.orbitcleaning.com.au

When it comes to cleaning your food processing plant, cutting corners can cost you more than just money. We never forget that when your business is on the line, so is our reputation.

Cleaning in the food industry is far too business-critical to be left to amateurs or undercut merchants. And there are plenty out there – Google ‘cheap commercial cleaning Melbourne’ for example, and see how many hits you get (we got 24,800,000 when we tried it!).

Orbit Commercial Cleaning prides itself on providing tailored commercial cleaning services to suit the diverse, specialised needs of our clients. Our professional cleaning services are meticulous and thorough to ensure your workplace is well maintained and safe to inspire your employees and impress your clients. By putting in place thorough processes and hiring only skilled professional cleaners, we deliver a level of quality unsurpassed by other commercial cleaning companies.

We aim to make cleaning an investment, not a cost.

Commercial Cleaning

National exhibition for the food and beverage manufacturing industries
28/07/2019 - 30/07/2019
Location BCEC Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre