Le Giuliette di Giulia Ferri

Contact person: Giulia Ferri
Correspondence: Italiano, English

Address: Via della Selvotta, 8
00060 Formello Italy
Phone: +390338213 91 42
Web: http://www.legiuliette.com

Le Giuliette collections are my most valueable as they have a lot of work into the panels which are then hand stitched by highly qualified Italian leather artisans.

I do all of the designing, art work embroidery and painting but I am not that skilled in leather work so I get support from the experts to handicraft these very special bags.

Each one is unique and I take days to create them, assembling each and every piece as if it was a piece of art.

Creazione e manifattura di grembiuli da giardinaggio e varie per la casa -
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