SCEA Latour Laguens

Contact person: Mme Cheng
Correspondence: Français, English
Yearly Turnover: 250 000 €
Export: 100
Foundation: 1987
Operation Level: International

Address: SCEA Latour Laguens, Château Latour
33540 Saint-Martin-du-Puy France
Phone: +33556 71 53 15
Fax: +335 56 71 60 86

In the XVIth Century, the Château was property of King Henry IV of France, also known by the epithet “Good King Henry”.

In those days, the chateau would have withstood long sieges thanks to its thick and strongly built walls as well as its difficult access: entrance was solely assured by a bridge crossing the dry moat surrounding the castle.

Ever since its construction and until the present day, the château has sustained a long tradition of uninterrupted winemaking: its hilly landscape has, throughout the centuries, always hosted vines and its owners forever produced wine.

The vineyard is situated on the clayey hills of Monplaisir Valley allowing ideal conditions for the development and production of high quality grapes : vines are bathed in sunlight and rain water runs down along the slopes.

Year after year, we repeat an ancient process in order to get the best out of our vines : the high trellis system set up to improve photosynthesis, short pruning and green harvest in order to lower the vines’ yield as well as the manual sorting of grapes allowing a selection of the quintessence.

So as to select the best of the mature and healthy grapes, our cellar is equipped with state of the art gear : vibrating sorting tables, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and pneumatic press.


International wine and spirits exhibition
13/05/2019 - 16/05/2019
Location Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux