Lakkerij de Bruyn BV

Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: 1,5 Million Euro
Operation Level: International

Address: Nijverheidsstraat 32
2390 Malle Belgium
Phone: +323309 07 01
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Flawless Finish
Over a period of 35 years, Lakkerij De Bruyn has built up a very thorough expertise in the treatment of almost every type of surface. De Bruyn strives to achieve ‘Best of Industry’ standards in terms of its technical and organisational activities and its overall quality system.

A good preparation determines almost the full quality of the endresult of the process. Our experienced employees in our blasting unit are removing in a safe and efficient way all dirt, corrosion and other layers from your metal structures up to 10 m long and 4 m wide. We adapt the blasting material to your needs and base materials.

In order to protect your metal construction work against corrosion, there are many different options, but the most efficient one for complex structures that still need further coating is the application of a small Zink layer by thermal spraying a Zink Aluminum thread. This process is also called metallisation.
Coating De Bruyn garantees the high quality of the end product by executing also the very important preparation step ie blasting, under the same roof. This assures a good control over the adhesion of the Zink layer. We have chosen for electrical arc metallization since this allows us to also treat small and fine pieces with the same efficiency as larger ones. We execute regular layer thickness measurements and every piece gets an individual visual inspection before passing to the next treatment step (wet or powder coating) or getting delivered.

De Bruyn has a very strong reputation in the area wet painting applications. De Bruyn’s quality system guarantees a top quality finish for your products.

Are you looking for consistently measurable high quality for your powder coated items?De Bruyn controls the powdercoating process in all its facets.

Dipping is a cost effective and environmentally friendly coating technique and provides a major advantage over other techniques in a variety of applications.

Industrial coating

International exhibition of materials analysis and contamination control
26/05/2021 - 27/05/2021
Location NH Conf. Centre Koningshof