Jaguar, The Fresh Company B.V.

Contact person: Conrad Rijnhout
Correspondence: English

Address: Handelscentrum ZHZ 50
2991 LD Barendrecht Netherlands
Phone: +31180750 500
Fax: +31180 750 510

Jaguar manages the global sourcing and sales of fresh produce to perfection. Every day we commit our proud and powerful name to being a trusted supply partner for products from all over the world. Exactly according to your specifications: every time, on time.

The Jaguar personifies everything that we stand for. Sleek and agile, mysterious and magical. A distinctive year-round branding and marketing concept, powered by stunning visuals and a guarantee of quality. Generating sales!

Jaguar has a passion for fresh, pure and healthy fruit that is grown with respect to the environment and our people. The proud and powerful Jaguar brand is backed by our team’s outstanding knowledge, vast experience and absolute dedication.

International trade fair for fruit and vegetable marketing
18/05/2021 - 20/05/2021
Location Messe Berlin