Hollandia Karlovy Vary s.r.o.

Address: Krasne Udoli 151
364 01 Touzim Czech Republic
Phone: +420353300 403
Fax: +420353 300 410
Web: http://www.hollandia.cz

Contact person: Mr. Jan Skoda
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 1991
Operation Level: International


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International organic trade fair
13/02/2019 - 16/02/2019
Location Nuernberg Messe

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Some people bring sea shells from their holiday. We came back with an idea. An idea of making proper yogurt just with milk and yogurt culture.

After one family trip to Holland 25 years ago we started making yogurt in the traditional Dutch way. This is how we still make it - with milk from the local farms, with fresh fruit.

Everything is subject to very careful control to ensure a consistent taste that is typical for Hollandia. We are proud that we built a prosperous family company out of scratch while always remaining true to our beliefs and strict quality requirements. We are proud that we make real authentic yogurt and that we offer good jobs to the people in our region.

All our yogurts are based on milk and yogurt culture. The only difference is the process of maturing - in a tank or in the cup. Farmhouse yogurts mature in cups, creamed yogurts mature in tanks, are mixed with fruit and filled into cups. The bio line is made with certified organic milk. Ice creams combine our milk, BiFi cultures and genuine Belgian chocolate. Nothing more, nothing less.