Canine Caviar Alkaline Holistic Dog Food

Contact person: Jeff Baker
Correspondence: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Portugues
Yearly Turnover: 18 M
Foundation: 1996
Operation Level: International

Address: Kaprova 42 / 14
110 00 Praha Czech Republic
Phone: +420773 683 027

The pH level is one of the most important balance system of the body. Fluids in the body function to provide digestion, lubrication, protection, nutrients and oxygen transportation. To perform these functions, the acid levels must be varied to match the bodily function. Overall levels of acidity or alkalinity are measured on a pH scale and must be carefully controlled in each body. Tissues need oxygen to remain healthy, but acidic environments prevent oxygen from reaching the body’s tissue. Canine Caviar uses herbs and ingredients along with our unique processing procedure to create an alkaline diet.

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