Canadian Hay and Silage Ltd.

Contact person: Mr. Richard Sietzema
Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: 5,000,000 $
Foundation: 2005
Operation Level: National

Address: Canadian Hay and Silage Ltd., (R.R. 1)
AB T0M 0K0 Bowden Canada
Phone: +1403994 7207

Since 2007 Canadian Hay & Silage Ltd. is an Alberta-based company with locations in Barrhead and Bowden (with some dealers located in Saskatchewan and Ontario).

Canadian Hay & Silage Ltd. offers a variety of quality hay and silage products, suchs as Net Wrap, Twine, Silage Covers, Silage Wrap, Hay Preservers and Inoculants.

We are also selling and delivering Grain Bags to farmers across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In the off-season we spend a great deal of time researching products from around the globe for high quality and competitive pricing.

We stand behind our products and in fact, use them ourselves.

When given sufficient notice we can often offer free delivery in most parts of Alberta and some areas in Saskatchewan.

Netwrap, silage wrap, twine hay preservative, silage tarps, grainbags, inoculant